Meet Mo Del Villar


My name is Mo Del Villar with the ACLU of Missouri and I’m here to remind you, of the importance of voting this election cycle.

Voting is important in the United States because it is how we choose our elected officials and make our voices heard on a variety of vital national, state, and local issues.

Throughout history significant changes have been made in our country through the ballot box. While the importance of elections is no different this year, registering and voting may look different given the corona virus pandemic. So, first and foremost, are you registered to vote?

Fun fact, you can start registering at 17 and ½ years old so long as you will turn 18 before the next election.

If you have questions or would like to check your registration status, you may do so at

You must register for the general election in November by Wednesday October 7th.

So, when are the elections? We actually have two statewide elections left this election cycle, a primary on August 4th and the general election on Tuesday November 3rd. How do I vote? It’s a little complicated this year, as we have been encouraged to avoid large groups, wear masks in public, and socially distance by at least six feet during this corona virus pandemic. This is another reason voting will look different this year due to the expansion of absentee voting.

Through absentee voting you can fill out your ballot at home and either mail it to your local election authority or drop it off yourself.

For the august 4th election you must request your absentee ballot by July 22nd. For the general election in November you must request your absentee ballot by October 21st.

There have been a few recent changes to absentee and mail in voting affecting this year’s election. For up to date information on voting in Kansas City or if you have any questions about how to vote please visit to learn more.

Now lets go vote, KC!

Mo Del Villar

bio: ACLU